The Wellman Railcar Gate Opener features an articulating, extendable, height adjustable driveshaft

The WORKMASTER® Wellman Railcar Gate Opener features a hydraulically operated gate opening drive shaft mounted to the front of a B2320 Kubota Tractor. The slide gate opener is mounted to the tractor allowing it to rise, fall, rotate, extend, retract, and pivot on an isolating hinge with respect to the tractor.

The operator sits forward on the tractor and operates while moving parallel to the rail line. The opener is then able to access the pinion shaft of the slide gate of the railcar regardless of whether the tractor is elevated above or below the rail line, and regardless of whether the tractor is inclined toward or away from the railcar. When the drive fitting has engaged the pinion shaft of the slide gate, the opener rotates so as to open or close the slide gate at a low speed high torque output of 900 ft lbs, or a high speed low torque output of 450 ft lbs.

Wellman Railcar Gate Opener Features


Gate opener is mounted to the front of a B2320 Kubota Tractor.

Capstan Drive Fitting

Precision machined, 4140 tool steel, 1-piece construction with 1-1/2″ sq socket using pin & ring retainer, opens hundreds of gates!

Simple Design

Ergonomically positioned self-closing, speed control throttle; Forward/Reverse hydraulically controlled lever control; height adjustment lever controls easy to reach and operate.

Dual Torque Control

Comes standard with a high-speed 450 ft-lb and a low-speed 900 ft-lb torque range.

Smooth, Continuous Force

Facilitates steady, controlled gate opening without concern for wear of gate mechanism.

Easy of Use

Enables one worker to easily drive and position the drive shaft in line with capstans thereby improve safety, increase productivity, and reduce manpower planning.

Black Oxidized Finish

Reduces rust and corrosion in harsh environments.


Eliminates vibration which makes the Opener comfortable and safe to use.

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    Wellman Railcar Railcar Gate Opener Specifications


    Wellman Railcar Gate Opener



    Working Torque

    Dual Torque producing 450 & 900 ft-lbs


    11′ L X 5.5′ W

    Drive Shaft Adjustment

    Articulating, Extendable, and Height Adjustable to Accommodate any Capstan Height

    Finish Coating

    Black Oxide


    • Drive Fitting with Pin & Ring Retainer
    • Operators Manual

    Gate Opener Weight

    2000 lbs

    Shipping Weight

    2200 lbs