The Perfect Pour Bucket — We've Revolutionized the 5 Gallon Pail!

A 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket Revolution

Not since the shift from metal buckets to plastic buckets was there any reason to change to a better 5 Gallon Bucket — much less a worker safety reason. But that’s changed, because the pail design has finally evolved. We’ve “Broken the Mold” (so to speak) with this revolutionary and patented industrial and commercial easy to pour bucket design.

HDPE 5 Gallon Ergonomic Bucket

The WORKMASTER 5 Gallon Bucket with Lid accomplishes what bucket users have always wanted: a handgrip on the bottom of the 5-gallon pail. Adding this molded-in handgrip is a game-changing feature that greatly improves worker convenience, efficiency, and safety on any job. This one-piece, user friendly bucket works in any application currently using a 5 gallon pail and it’s also cost competitive with the unwieldy 5-gallon bucket you currently use. Now a worker can easily and safely control the pour rate of bucketed liquids and solids.

Bucket with Both Handle & Grip — Others “Pail” in Comparison

The WORKMASTER non-steel 5 Gallon Bucket can safely store — and more importantly safely pour — paints, inks, chemicals, foods, construction materials, ice, pet foods and other liquids, solids and slurries. This comfortable to lift and pour pail also has a range of other applications in industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical, construction and commercial applications.

Stackable 5 Gallon Buckets with Hand Grip & Handle

The WORKMASTER Ergonomic 5 Gallon Bucket with lid meets or exceeds every typical industry standard. The new pail features high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction and measures a full 5-gallons. The grey plastic pail (available in other colors) has an HD 90-mil wall thickness, reinforcing ribs for shape retention, and a metal handle with plastic grip. The grey pail, metal handle, and its black cover lid (sold separately) are all 100% recyclable. The pails are stackable because the bottom handgrip handle allows them to be nestable 5 gallon buckets.


Perfect Pour 5-Gal Commercial Bucket Works

Molded-in Bottom Handgrip

Full 5-gallon (18.9 Liter) Bucket Capacity

Dimensions 11.9" Dia (top) x 10.4" Dia (bottom) x 14.562 H

Hot Fill to 160°F, and can be Steam Sterilized or Freezer Stored

Heavy-duty 90-mil Wall Thickness

Reinforcing Ribs Guarantee It Keeps Its Shape

Metal Handle with Plastic Grip for Comfortable Transport of Heavy Contents

Stacks/nests like a Traditional Bucket

UN/DOT Certified #2 HDPE

Traditional Press-on Lid/Cover sold separately

Plastic and Metal Components are 100% Recyclable

Made in the USA

ModelPART #
IPM Utility Bucket; 5 Gal
Lid f/ Utility Bucket; Press-On
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