The WORKMASTER® GO-A8-FW is an air powered Railcar Gate Opener on a wheeled-cart with manual height adjustment (to accommodate varied height capstans). The GO-A8-FW Railcar Gate Opener utilizes a lever throttled, 1-1/2 sq dr, impact wrench to generate an operator controllable speed of 100 to 1,400-RPM, and a no-torque-reaction, self-regulating (no more – or less – power than is required to open the gate), power output of 1,000 to 13,000 ft/lbs.

Although the GO-A8-FW railcar gate opener does require an adequate supply of clean, dry, compressed air (as do all pneumatic devices) at the unloading site, this is rarely a problem since it uses less compressed air per-gate-opened – only 12 cu ft @85 PSI – than any other Gate Opener on the market (except for our GO-A13-HA). Further, a clean, dry adequate air supply for the Opener (and other railcar unloading assist devices, eg, a pocket vibrator or a hopper car unloading connector), can be inexpensively purchased, and easily installed.

The GO-A8-FW’s ergonomic design has received critical acclaim for its safety, comfort, ease-of-use, productivity & performance, and aesthetics. These user-friendly features, combined with the A8’s speed, power, and long life, make it the top selling Gate Opener in the world.

The GO-A8-FW Railcar Gate Opener is the wise choice for worksites which experience:

  • Railcars with gates that vary from easy to extremely-difficult to open because the cars are not always well maintained or regularly repaired;
  • Railcars with fixed position gate mechanisms;
  • Railcars with rough or uneven trackside terrain making gate opener maneuverability an issue;
  • Railcars with varied height capstan / gate mechanisms;
  • Railcars in long train units which require rapid opening / closing during continuous movement unloading.
GO-A8-FW Gate Opener Features

Capstan Drive Fitting

Precision machined, 4140 tool steel, 1-piece construction with 1-1/2″ sq socket using pin & ring retainer, opens hundreds of gates!

Ergonomic Controls

Ergonomically positioned, self-closing, speed control throttle; positive on/off pivot wheel switch; forward/reverse air motor lever arm.


Reduces maintenance while guaranteeing critical wear components receive regular lubrication in the correct amount.

Opens Even the Most Jammed Gates

Self-regulating, no torque-reaction output of 1,000 to 13,000 ft-lbs to open even the most jammed gates.

Won't Rust or Corrode

Baked-on powder coat finish to prevent rust and corrosion caused by weather and harsh environments.

Precise Weight Distribution

Provides excellent balance and control which minimizes operator fatigue and maximizes safety.

Engineered & Fabricated for Rugged Use

Steel frame ensures dependable service and uses laser cut members welded to AWS & ANSI Standards.

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    GO-A8-FW Railcar Gate Opener Specifications


    GO-A8-FW Pivot Wheel Gate Opener


    Pneumatic; 148 CFM @ 85 PSI (Free); 114 CFM @ 85 PSI (Impacting)

    Working Torque

    1,000 to 13,000 ft-lbs; Recoilless, Self-Regulating at 1400 RPM

    Wheel Assembly

    16″ Dia with 4.80/4.00 – 8″ Flat-Free, Solid Polyurethane Tires Ribbed Tread

    Frame Dimensions

    50″ L X 29.75″ W X 42″ H

    Handle Width

    28″ W; Fitted with Handle Grips

    Height Adjustment

    Height Adjustable Forks: 10.5″, 12.5″, 14.5″ Ground to Capstan

    Tool Container

    5″ L X 12″ W X 6″ D

    Lubricator Capacity

    16.0 oz Adjustable Flow

    Inlet Coupling

    Universal Coupling (Chicago Type) with Safety Lock Pin

    Finish Coating

    Baked-On Powder Coat Finish


    • Drive Fitting with Pin & Ring Retainer
    • One (1) Qt TOOL LUBE™ Air Tool Oil
    • Operating Video
    • Operators Manual

    Gate Opener Weight

    246 lbs

    Shipping Weight

    405 lbs