Air tool Oil to keep Gate Openers, Grinders, Drills, and Air Motors Running Cleaner — Up to 3X Longer!

WORKMASTER® TOOL-LUBE Lubricating Oil Improves Performance and Life

Issue: Using Wrong Air Tool Oil for Grinders, Impact Wrenches, and Hoists

Compressed air contains moisture, dirt, dust, and other contaminants these interfere with the proper functioning of air tools, Hopper Gate Openers, and all other pneumatic equipment. Moisture exists in virtually all airlines due to the relative humidity in the air and the condensation caused by the expansion and cooling of compressed air. Lubricants not specially formulated to operate in the presence of moisture can interact with that moisture to form sludge, rust, and gum. This is especially true for air tools that are left in storage or not run for any length of time. Other contaminants can pass through the filter system causing varnishes and sticky substances to form in the air tools and airlines, lowering tool performance. Wrong air tool lubricator oils such as hydraulic oils, motor oils, and penetrating oils commonly used in air tools, are not designed for air systems. Wrong air tool lubricants are not able to combat line-air moisture and contaminants, and can actually damage tools, such as chipping hammers and gate openers.

Most manufacturing plants, processing plants, utilities, and contractors utilize pneumatic tools and equipment. The life and performance of these air tools are essential to the operation and productivity of the facility or job site. Slow running, poor performing, and shorter tool life destroy productivity gains made elsewhere. Inadequate or, worse, incorrect pneumatic air tool oil is a major contributor to poor performance of both piston air motors and rotary air motors.

Air Tool Oil

Solution: Using TOOL-LUBE Pneumatic Air Tool Oil

WORKMASTER TOOL-LUBE Air Tool Lubricating Oil is specifically designed for Air screwdrivers and nutrunners, Hopper Car Gate Openers, air hoists, and other pneumatic equipment. TOOL-LUBE’s special emulsifier absorbs 10% of its weight in water, preventing the formation of gum and sludge for more efficient air tools. TOOL-LUBE’s base oil, unlike most conventional oils, motor oils, and penetrating oils commonly – but wrongly used in air tools – are not designed for air systems, and are not able to combat the moisture and contaminants.

Result: the RIGHT Air Tool Oil Makes Air Tools More Efficient

With as few as three drops per minute of WORKMASTER TOOL-LUBE Air Tool Oil, you can expect the following added benefits from your air tools and Hopper Car Gate Openers:

  • More Power
  • Constant Speed
  • Reduced Noise
  • Longer Service Life
  • Reduced Maintenance
  •  Lower Lubricant Usage
  • Storage/Idle Time Protection
  • Decreased Total Cost of Air System

TOOL-LUBE Air Tool Oil

Brand “X” Air Tool Oil

Air Vibrator Oil

Stir a sample of water into TOOL-LUBE® Air Tool Oil.

Air Vibrator Oil

Watch it disappear!

Air Vibrator Oil

Stir a sample of water into your current Air Tool Oil.

Air Vibrator Oil

The drop remains visible.

Air Tool Oil
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