The GO-A3-PW Air Powered Gate Opener generates a constant speed of 8.5-RPM, and a power output of 2,700 ft-lb.

GO-A3-Application-PhotoThe WORKMASTER® GO-A3-PW Gate Opener is an air-powered Hopper Car Gate Opener on a wheeled-cart with manual control of both its pivot wheels (to follow traveling gate), and height adjustment (accommodates varied height capstans).

The GO-A3-PW Hopper Car Gate Opener is the wise choice for worksites which experience:

  • Railcars that vary from easy-to-open to moderately-difficult because they are well maintained and regularly repaired;
  • Hopper cars with either fixed position or traveling gate mechanisms;
  • Trackside surface is level, smooth, and unobstructed (for traveling gate mechanisms);
  • Railcars with varied height capstan / gate mechanisms.
GO-A3-PW Hopper Car Gate Opener Features

Self-Contained, Slide-A-Way Outriggers

Simply and safely counterbalances the torque reaction that occurs when opening or closing gates and improves maneuverability.

Adjustable Height Handle

Easily adjust to the correct height and angle for operator preference and safe usage.

Pivot Wheels

Push/Pull valve allows pneumatic tires to manually pivot 90° to follow capstan movement on traveling gates.

Capstan Drive Fitting

Heavy-duty, bolt-on, 1-piece construction to guarantee long service life.

Energy Efficient Force Output

Operates on only 18.5 CFM @ 90 PSI (120 PSI Max) to provide energy efficient force output at a constant RPM.

Accommodates Noise Restrictions

Operates at 83 dBA to accommodate for noise restrictions at plant and unloading site operations.

One-Worker Positioning & Operation

Enables greater productivity and reduced man power planning.

Adjustable Height Operating Mechanism

Easily compensates for differing height gates, or variations in unloading site decks or platforms.

Economical to Purchase

Economical option to meet a tight budget when a wheeled cart gate opener is required.

GO-A3-PW Gate Opener
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    GO-A3-PW Hopper Car Gate Opener Specifications


    GO-A3-PW Pivot Wheel Gate Opener with Slide-a-Way Outriggers


    Pneumatic; 18.5 CFM @ 90 PSI

    Working Torque

    2,700 ft-lb Constant at 8.5 RPM

    Wheel Assembly

    10.5″ Dia with 4.10/3.50 – 4″ Pneumatic Tubeless Tires, Sawtooth Tread

    Frame Dimensions

    36″ D X 36″ W X 46″ H

    Handle Width

    36″ Wide; Fitted with Handle Grips

    Height Adjustment

    Height Adjustable: 7.5″ to 19.75″ Ground to Capstan

    Inlet Coupling

    Universal Coupling (Chicago Type) with Safety Lock Pin

    Finish Coating

    Acrylic Enamel Coat Finish

    Lubricator Capacity

    4.5 oz


    • Filter, Regulator with Gauge, Lubricator Trio-Control
    • Drive Fitting
    • One (1) Qt TOOL LUBE™ Air Tool Oil
    • Operating Video
    • Operators Manual

    Gate Opener Weight

    285 lbs

    Shipping Weight