The GO-M3 Manual Gate Opener generates an operator paced power output of 3,200 ft-lbs with only 173 ft-lbs of input power.

The WORKMASTER® GO-M3 Gate Opener is a manual-powered, hand portable, compact Hopper Car Gate Opener that rests on the ground while engaged in a railcar capstan. The GO-M3 Hopper Car Gate Opener, a heavy-duty torque multiplier, uses planetary gear action to enable an operator to simply turn a ratchet wrench to open gates.

The GO-M3 Hopper Car Gate Opener is well suited for worksites that experience:

  • Railcars that vary from easy-to-open to moderately-difficult because they are well maintained and regularly repaired;
  • Compressed air or other power is not available or limited;
  • Hopper cars that have fixed position gate mechanisms only;
  • Trackside surface is level, smooth, and unobstructed;
  • Narrow decks or platforms that preclude wheeled-cart or beam-mounted Opener;
  • Site security requires portable, easy removal and storage of tools and equipment.
GO-M3 Hopper Car Gate Opener Features

Versatile Power Input

Allows the GO-M3 to accept either a manual ratchet wrench drive input tool or an air-powered ratchet wrench drive input tool.

Controlled-Shear, Easy-to-Replace Output Square Drive

Protects against overloading the GO-M3 power train by shearing at 3-10% over the 3,200 ft-lbs rated capacity.

Low Input Torque

Enables one worker to safely and easily generate the job-required torque with the GO-M3 kit’s 1/2″ drive ratchet wrench.

Capstan Drive Fitting

Precision machined, 4140 tool steel, 1-piece construction with 1″ sq socket using 1-piece Ret-Ring Retainer opens hundreds of gates.

Built-In Anti-Backlash / Torque Holding Device

Enables the GO-M3 to maintain input torque when using a manual crank handle or air-powered ratchet wrench drive tool.

Smooth, Continuous Force

Facilitates steady, controlled gate opening without concern for wear of gate mechanism.

Economical to Purchase

Meets even the tightest budget when a lightweight, portable Gate Opener is required.

Lightweight Portability

Enables one worker to easily carry and position this 22 lb powerhouse and thereby improve safety, increase productivity, and reduce manpower planning.

Virtually Noiseless Operation

Accommodates noise restrictions at plant or unloading site operations.

Anodized Coat Finish

Reduces rust and corrosion in harsh environments.


Eliminates vibration which makes the Opener comfortable and safe to use.

GO-M3 Gate Opener
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    GO-M3 Hopper Car Gate Opener Specifications


    GO-M3 Portable Gate Opener


    Manual; Input Torque

    Working Torque

    3,200 ft-lbs Output @ 173 ft-lbs Input

    Torque Ratio

    18.5:1 ft-lbs


    14″L X 19.6″ H (with Drive Fitting & Reaction Bar)

    Height Adjustment

    Lift-On Portability to Accommodate Any Capstan Height

    Output Drive

    1″ Male Square Drive

    Input Drive

    1/2″ Female Square Drive

    Finish Coating

    Acrylic Enamel Coat Finish


    • Drive Fitting with Pin & Ring Retainer
    • Ratchet Wrench (1/2″ Square Drive)
    • 1″ Square Drive Spare Anvil
    • 3/32″ Allen Wrench
    • Sturdy Carrying Bag
    • Operators Manual

    Gate Opener Weight

    18.3 lbs

    Shipping Weight

    34 lbs