The GO-M04 generates an operator-paced output of 400 ft-lbs which can be increased 10X with an HD Pipe Extension.

The WORKMASTER® GO-M04 Gate Opener is a manual-powered, hand portable, compact Railcar Gate Opener that utilizes a 1-1/2″ sq dr, extreme-duty, ratchet wrench to enable an operator to generate a no-torque reaction power output of 400 ft-lbs with its standard 30″ handle (handle & ratchet head OAL: 36″). The GO-M04 Railcar Gate Opener’s ratchet mechanism can accept up to 5,000 ft-lbs of input torque so the handle can be lengthened using a heavy walled 2″ ID pipe to increase the M04’s “breaker bar” power. Because the GO-M04 uses a 4-sided, tapered drive fitting to turn the capstan, the dangerous slippage problem that occurs using a pry bar is eliminate. The GO-M04 is the ideal Railcar Gate Opener when budget is limited and hopper car unloading is infrequent.

GO-M04 Railcar Gate Opener Features

Lightweight Portability

Weighs Only 23 Lbs

Capstan Drive Fitting

Precision machined, 4140 tool steel, 1-piece construction with 1-1/2″ sq socket using pin & ring retainer, opens hundreds of gates!

Simple Design

Simple Forward / Reverse Level Switch

Low Input Torque

Tapered handle allows easy mounting of extension handle for a greater torque output.

Heavy-Duty Ratchet

Heavy-Duty Ratchet capable of producing up to 5,000 ft-lbs.

Smooth, Continuous Force

Facilitates steady, controlled gate opening without concern for wear of gate mechanism.

Economical to Purchase

Meets even the tightest budget when a lightweight, portable Gate Opener is required.

Lightweight Portability

Enables one worker to easily carry and position this 22 lb powerhouse and thereby improve safety, increase productivity, and reduce manpower planning.

Virtually Noiseless Operation

Accommodates noise restrictions at plant or unloading site operations.

Black Oxidized Finish

Reduces rust and corrosion in harsh environments.


Eliminates vibration which makes the Opener comfortable and safe to use.

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    GO-M04 Railcar Gate Opener Specifications


    GO-M04 Portable Railcar Gate Opener


    Manual; Ratchet Wrench

    Working Torque

    400 ft-lbs with 36″ Lever; Torque can be increased with HD Pipe Extensions


    36″ L X 3.75″ W X 1.38″ D

    Height Adjustment

    Lift-On Portability to Accommodate any Capstan Height

    Finish Coating

    Black Oxide


    • Drive Fitting with Pin & Ring Retainer
    • HD Carrying Case
    • Operators Manual

    Gate Opener Weight

    21 lbs

    Shipping Weight

    34 lbs