Easy-to-use, pocket sized reed tachometers accurately measure the speed of a vibrating or rotating object.

VIBRA-TAK™ Slide Rule Vibrating Reed Tachometer

VIBRA-TAK™ Slide Rule Tachometers from WORKMASTER® are easy-to-use tools for accurately measuring the speed of a vibrating or rotating object. Protected in a durable vinyl storage case, it’s the ideal pocket-sized tool for shop and field mechanics, engineers, and service technicians to  measure motor speed, measure vibrator speed, and measure small engine speed — measure the speed of all rotating objects. You can quickly measure vibrations per minute (VPM), test for dead spots or test for unwanted vibration, and test revolutions per minute (RPM) of high-speed machines. VIBRA-TAK tachometers are accurate to ± 7% and can be used thousands of times before needing a simple recalibration.

VIBRA-TAK™ Slide Rule Tachometer Features

Measures Vibrations Per Minute (VPM)

Checks RPM of Both High & Low Speed Machines

Finds Source of Unwanted Vibration

Locates "Dead Spots" on Equipment

How to Use the VIBRA-TAK™ Slide Rule Vibrating Reed Tachometer
Measure VPM On Match Plate.

Measure the VPM on Match Plate

Check Electric Motor RPM.

Check the RPM of the Electric Motor

Measure Hopper Car Vibrator RPM To Help Correct Dangerous Overspeed Or Inefficient Underspeed.

Measure Hopper Car Vibrator RPM

This helps to correct dangerous overspeed or inefficient underspeed.
Proper Speed Indicates Good Vibrator Mounting On Bins, Hoppers, Or Forms.

Ensure Proper Speed

Proper speed indicates good vibrator mounting on bins, hoppers, or forms.
Check Speed Of Grinders To Match Wheel Speed To Tool Speed.

Check Speed of Grinders

This matches the wheel speed to the tool speed.

STD-TAK2,000 to 21,00031-10000
SLO-TAK200 to 2,00031-10001
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