The VAC-ATTACK™ is the ideal choice when ease of installation or maximum portability is required.

The WORKMASTER® VAC-ATTACK™ Portable Vacuum-Mount Vibrators are the ideal choice when ease of installation or maximum portability is required. Portable Vacuum-Mount Vibrators combine energy-efficient, quiet, non-impacting linear vibration with a dependable, instant mount to any clean, relatively-smooth flat or curved surface. With a wide range of models and sizes, we have the right VAC-ATTACK™ Vibrator for your application.

VAC-ATTACK™ Portable Vacuum-Mount (PVM) Vibrator Features

Exact Placement

The Vacuum Mount enables the vibrator to be placed at the ideal location for prompting and maintaining product flow.

Instant Mount

No brackets, fasteners, or welding. Put a VPM Vibrator in place, activate the central switch, and the unit holds its position before, during, and after vibration.

Application Friendly

Starts in any position and stops instantly. Can be used in a wide variety of flat and curved surfaces in ambient temperatures to 140°F.

Energy Efficient

Compared with other air vibrators, PVM Vibrators produce twice the force lbs per CFM consumed.

Unparalleled Control

Frequency and amplitude are infinitely and independently adjustable by controlling air pressure and exhaust air.


Because PVM Vibrators are lightweight, one worker can easily move even the largest model from job to job. The largest, most powerful VAC-ATTACK unit weighs less than 35-lbs.

Low Noise

Non-impacting linear vibrators provide the force of comparably-sized piston vibrators to effectively move even stubborn materials — but without the noise.

VAC-ATTACK™ Portable Vacuum-Mount Vibrator Applications
  • Barrel Compaction
  • Concrete Forms
  • Downcomer Pipes
  • FIBC Loading and Unloading
  • Hummer Screens
  • Packaging
  • Railcars, Bins, Hoppers, Chutes & Pipes
  • Trucks
  • Tote Bins & Batch Storage Vessels
  • Vibratory Stress Testing

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    VAC-ATTACK™ Portable Vacuum-Mount Vibrator Specifications
    18-VM122VFP-12MVM-2101.9 CFM54.202.139.75
    18-VM142VFP-18MVM-2103.0 CFM54.522.139.75
    18-VM162VFP-25MVM-2104.3 CFM65.152.139.75
    18-VM182VFP-35MVM-2126.2 CFM65.462.7513.00
    18-VM311VLB-270VM-22015.6 CFM14---8.0016.50
    18-VM341VLB-280VM-22014.7 CFM188.488.0016.50
    18-VM345VLB-500VM-22018.1 CFM248.528.0016.50
    18-VM343VLB-750VM-22019.0 CFM358.568.0016.50