TOOL-LUBE™ Air Tool Oil

Keep your Gate Opener running longer – up to three times longer — cleaner, with less downtime and greater power using WORKMASTER®’s TOOL-LUBE Air Tool Oil. Special emulsifiers allow this unique oil to absorb 10% of its weight in water preventing the formation of rust, gum and sludge. With regular use of WORKMASTER’s TOOL-LUBE, you can expect your pneumatic Gate Opener to operated with greater performance, consistency, and reduced noise levels.

VIBRA-LUBE™ Air Vibrator Oil

The internal parts of Pneumatic Rotary and Piston Type Vibrators are subject to severe stress. These parts require a special type of lubrication. WORKMASTER®’s VIBRA-LUBE Vibrator Oil is uniquely formulated to coat and protect a vibrator’s inner lining and moving parts. With regular use, VIBRA-LUBE can add years of service to the life of your vibrator as well as reduce noise levels, and increase air efficiency and power.