Capstan Renew Attachment — A Perfect Fit Everytime!

Opening hopper car slide gates with a completely worn Capstan Barrel can be a problem. When the Barrel’s female square is rounded-off, it resists any effort to get a grip with a Gate Opener Drive Fitting. Busy unloading sites have no time to change-out the Barrel or, even worse, shunt the hopper car to a siding for repair. WORKMASTER has a solution for the problem – the Capstan Renew Attachment.

The Attachment is an easy-to-use adapter that slips over the Barrel and then pin-locks in place to provide a perfectly formed female square socket for the Gate Opener’s Drive Fitting. The Attachment weighs < 15 lbs. so it can be easily and rapidly moved from gate to gate, and its lock-in-place feature ensures the capstan stability needed to accept the Opener’s power output.


Capstan Renew Attachment Overrides Worn-Out Capstans

Solid Steel Construction

Simple Pin-Lock Design

Provides Instant Square Socket

Quick Installation On and Off

7″ x 5-1/2″ x 5-1/2″

Weighs Under 15 lbs

Made in the USA

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Capstan Renew Attachment
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