Check Out Our Video on the Wellman Bulk Trailer Gate Opener!

Opening Bulk Trailer Traps is a slow, injury prone and exhausting task – when done by hand, that is. At WORKMASTER, we’re on a mission to eliminate the problems that come with unloading and handling bulk materials. Our latest product addition, the one we’re proud to Video Spotlight today, is the Wellman Bulk Trailer Gate Opener.

With the Wellman Bulk Trailer Gate Opener, workers can open any Trailer Trap in seconds, in the safest and fastest way possible. In the video, you’ll see how using a Wellman Trap Opener completely eliminates the risk of physical injury when opening a grain trailer, or opening any trailer trap. Plus, it all happens under a minute – no injury, no sweat, no problem! Check out our video demonstration, now on YouTube, to see the Wellman Opener in action.

The Wellman Bulk Trailer Trap Opener is available in two mobile rolling cart models and one stationary or fixed position model:

  • TO-E02-MP Mobile Position Trailer Trap Opener
  • TO-E02-FP Fixed Position Trailer Trap Opener
  • TO-E02-NA Narrow Aisle Trailer Trap Opener

How can Wellman increase safety and efficiency? Let’s take a look at the features that work in unison so you can work safer and faster and with less manual labor!

  • Electric Over Hydraulic Power Unit for energy-efficient force output at a constant speed
  • Heavy-duty Steel Construction to withstand rugged unloading site conditions, indoors or outdoors
  • Five Feet of Reach for safety and ease-of-use
  • Mobile or Stationary Models available for optimum efficiency and safety at any unloading site
  • Multiple Adapter Fittings that allow the Opener to adapt to any make or type of trailer trap
  • Step & Lock Foot Brake for energy-efficient force output and increased speed
  • Both mobile and stationary models for safety and ease-of-use

In addition to the Wellman Bulk Trailer Gate Opener, WORKMASTER manufactures a complete line of pneumatic, electric and manual hopper car gate openers:

  • GO-A8-PW Gate Opener
  • GO-A13-HA Gate Opener
  • GO-A3-PW Gate Opener
  • GO-A2 Gate Opener
  • GO-E2 Gate Opener
  • GO-M3 Gate Opener
  • GO-M04 Gate Opener
  • Gate Opener Accessories

How can WORKMASTER help you improve productivity and safety in your unloading site? Get in touch with us to find out. E-mail or give us a call at 866-434-2098.