What Makes the GO-A8-PW the Top Selling Gate Opener in the World?

The GO-A8-PW is one of the most widely recognized railcar gate openers in the industry. No longer will employees at hopper car unloading sites have to worry about difficulty with opening railcar gates, traveling gate mechanisms, uneven trackside terrain, varied railcar slide gate heights, or rapid unloading requirements.

This easy-to-use, air-powered railcar gate opener runs on a wheeled cart with pneumatically controlled pivot wheels. This allows it to follow traveling gates or moving trains easily. It also has manual height adjustment to accommodate the varied heights of gates.

Additionally, it generates a speed of 100- to 1,400-RPM, has no torque reaction, and has a self-adjusting power output of 1,000 to 13,000 ft/lbs to open jammed gates.

The GO-A8-PW’s other features include:

  • Oil Caddy & Tool Storage Unit
  • Capstan Drive Fitting
  • Ergonomic Controls
  • Air-Powered Pivot Wheels
  • Epoxy Coating to Reduce Rust and Corrosion
  • Precise Weight Distribution
  • Engineered and Fabricated for Rugged Use

AIRMATIC, a distributor of WORKMASTER products, is exhibiting the GO-A8-PW and all of its many functions and features at this year’s Convey17 conference, which is taking place from July 24 until the 26th at the West Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center in Kansas City, MO.

This conference invites employees from the milling, grain handling, processing, and feed industries to observe the latest changes in compliance, safety, and operations. The conference will include breakouts, general sessions, and a trade show.

The trade show will exhibit products that exemplify the changes that these industries are making. The GO-A8-PW is a perfect example of the technological advancements that are being made, making it one of the featured pieces of equipment in the trade show.

Along with the GO-A8-PW railcar opener, WORKMASTER manufactures a complete line of mounting, operating, and maintenance products and accessories that have made an impact on railcar unloading sites among others.

Our labor-saving bulk material handling tools has kept up with the changes in technologies and safety procedures. The GO-A8-PW is just one such revolutionary tool that has allowed WORKMASTER to make an even bigger impression.